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Why choose NOVEC 1230

Environment Friendly
Novec 1230 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential, a Global Warming Potential of just one, and an atmospheric lifetime of only five days.

Independent scientific studies have proven that NOVEC 1230 fluid poses no safety risk to people in occupied spaces at the normal design concentration. It also offers a safety margin of up to 100%

NOVEC 1230 fluid puts fires out quickly before they can do any serious damage. It does this by reaching extinguishing concentrations in ten seconds or less. Because NOVEC 1230 fluid extinguishes the fire with a combination of heat absorption and chemical interface with the flame, it is effective on a wide range of Class A, B, and electrical fires.

NOVEC 1230, stored as a liquid, discharges as a colorless, electrically non-conductive, and non-corrosive gas. It does not leave any residue behind, and there is no need for costly clean-up operations.


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