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The Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System employs wet chemicals according to industry fire standards. By deploying comparatively fewer nozzles for the same area of coverage, the system is very efficient and cost-effective. Depending on the location of the hazard, the nozzle location can be adjusted to be closer to the appliance surface. It can even be placed outside the appliance perimeter.



  1. System cylinder with the mounting bracelet
  2. Mechanical control head
  3. Detection line enclosed in conduit
  4. System discharge piping
  5. Nozzle protecting duct
  6. Nozzle protecting plenum
  7. Appliance Nozzle ( Stationary / Swivel )
  8. Automatic Gas shutoff ( Electrical / Mechanical )
  9. Remote Manual (Optional) recessed or surface
  10. Electric Micro Switches (Optional)
  11. Liquid Seal device for Hood & Duct penetration
  12. Corner Pulley for change in direction
  13. Detector with a fusible element
  14. Pneumatic Control head