Conventional Panel


FALCON fire alarm control panel can function as main and/or sub panels in network system with a choice from 4 up to 80 zones panel available in a single unit and a maximum of 32 sub panels can be added on to the network. An alternative to the network system, FALCON System 21 series will work seamlessly in the conventional looping systems and are compatible with other manufacturer’s panel on the looping systems.

Extended Auxiliary Functions are also available upon request.

Key Features

Individual zone isolation facilitates easy operation.

Detailed and clear indicators on the panel.

Fully compliant with European Standard & Singapore Standard.

Minimum wiring works are required with the network facility.

Dry contact output for Fire, Faults, Pumps Status & AVF.


FALCON fire alarm control panels were developed to efficiently alert any case of fire, faults and failure. It has a user friendly interface to control the extensive range of functions and the panels can be used in various applications from small to large projects, such as commercial buildings, condominiums, industrial places, institutional buildings, and car park buildings.

4 zone panel

8 zone panel

10 zone panel


Falcon System 100 Fire Extinguishing Control Panel provides many flexible choices from basic conventional (non-addressable) panel to advance hard-wire addressable panel systems. FALCON System 100 are best suited to work with most gas fire extinguishing system such as NN100, Novec 1230, FM200, other inert gas, CO2 and water mist system.

Key Features

Wide range of detectors and auxiliary function

Compact and attractive design that is easy to use

Bulit with well proven micro computer technology for long term cost effectiveness

SMS notification when gas depleted

Low maintenance cost


Beside inherited with the standard features of FALCON fire alarm control panels, FALCON fire extinguishing control panels are designed to function timely with most gas fire extinguishing systems which provide immediate options of releasing inert gas to smother an unexpected case of fire. The panels are ideal for data centres, computer server room, electrical control room, telecommunication room, document storage room, treatment room, arts storage, art gallery, equipment room etc.


FALCON systems are designed and supported locally by highly experienced teams.


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Local manufacturer support
  • Ability to resolve technical issues within 24 hours

FALCON Standards

1. User friendly control panel with comprehensive functions

  • Five alpha numeric 7 segment LED displays provide bright indication about the nature of faults and alarms [display Fire Zone , Fault Zone, Isolate Zone, AVF & Network related faults].
  • The scrolling display indicates zone faults/isolation/status fault/fuse faults and auxiliary faults
  • Individual walk test mode facility.
  • Indicators test facility with battery voltage indication.
  • Individual dip switches settings to enable/disable AVF, 3-min Alarm, Status o/p, Decam, Battery Fault, Buzzer Intermittent by-pass.

2. Extensive zone control with AVF functions

Individual zone panels can be programmed for AVF. The scrolling display are capable of indicating the type of faults but in the event of fire, the panel will indicate affected zones only. The zone control monitoring facility does not allow technicians to bypass the alert system simply by unplugging the wiring when they cannot clear the fault indications. This ensure alerts are being addressed and the proper maintenance of fire alarm control panel.

  • Alarm verification function (AVF) are included at no additional costs.
  • Zone control monitoring facility.
  • Each zone can be programmed for AVF.
  • Able to identify the alarm zone by the zone number.
  • On AVF mode, the alarm zone number will be displayed until the system is reset.

3. Convenient monitoring systems 

Remote monitoring is possible through webcam and indication on the affected sub panel can be viewed on the main panel. The sound silence can be control via main panel. System Status Monitoring via auto dialer, sms system and web camera can also relay dry contact outputs for fire, faults, pump status and AVF. 

4. Lasting Battery 

A system that monitors the control panel internal temperature, battery condition, charge voltage & total power failure.

  • Battery voltage monitoring application
  • Battery has a longer life span of up to 5 years
  • Auto charging cut off function