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Quickstop Sprinkler Tool

Simple enough to be used by on site construction crews, security, or maintenance personnel.

The Quickstop Talon is the only sprinkler tool on the market that stops ½” and ¾”  sprinkler heads whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared. Each Talon tool is designed to release when heated. This feature allows the tool to function as a temporary sprinkler head if a second fire were to start. The Talon is engineered to align itself to the sprinkler head making it the easiest sprinkler tool to use. It has a heavy duty, single hand operated design and is completely reusable. The Quickstop Talon has been tested to hold 100% water tight up to 350 PSI or 2400 KPA. 


Fire Hose Reel

Model 99-N (19mm) and 100-N (25mm) swing/recess type, manually operated fire hose reel are manufactured within a strict quality controlled environment to ISO 9001:2008 and conformed to BS EN 671-1 specification.

The elegant design with double pivoted joints allows the installer the flexibility to fix the hose reel at the back wall or at either left or right side wall mounting. This installation flexibility greatly helps designers in deciding the appropriate size of the recessed hose reel compartment, especially in areas where space constraints are critical.

Another unique feature in the hose reel design is the "slide-in" wall mounting bracket which is a separate strong and rigid galvanized steel bracket that is initially installed onto the concrete wall without the hose reel. The complete hose reel is then "slide in" from the top and sits in a fitting and rigid position. The water supply piping is then connected to the inlet of the hose reel.

The materials used in the manufacture of the fire hose reel are of the highest quality such as the combination of Grade 304 stainless steel, high grade aluminium alloy and/or LG2 gunmetal waterway assembly all of which are corrosion resistant and of high impact strength. The fire reel discs are pressed steel of 1.2mm thickness and epoxy/polyester powder coated. The hub is made of deep drawn galvanised steel. 


Landing Valves

Falcon Landing Valves are manufactured to BS 5041 and are available in 65 mm Ø female thread or flange end inlet and female instantaneous to BS 336 outlet. Falcon also produces various types of landing valves such as screw oblique landing valves, flanged oblique landing valves, flanged right angle landing, flanged straight through landing valve and double landing valve.

Falcon High Pressure Reducing Valves are manufactured to BS 5041. They are specially designed to ensure uniform firefighting pressure to be maintained at all levels located in varying storeys in high-rise buildings. The pressure control is not affected by the difference in inlet pressures, which may occur at differing floor level.


A general purpose electronic sounder for fire, security and industrial applications: the Sonos Sounder Beacon is certified to EN54.

With the TimeSaver base, connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation. The sounder head 'twists and clicks' into the base on commissioning, avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders. With a choice of 32 tones including all the major international standards, the Sonos Sounder Beacon has universal acceptance.

Fire Blanket

With the possibility of accidents occurring anywhere and anytime, it is essential for us to be fully equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment. Even at home, a fire blanket will certainly come in handy when combating small fires (specifically Class A, B, and F fires). With kitchens being the most common place where fire-related accidents occur, it is highly recommended to have one nearby at your disposal. The fire blanket is not just used to cover a small fire, it can also be used to cover a person for him to make his escape.

Do note that our Fire Blanket should only be used in the event of a small fire. It should NOT be used to combat spreading fires. In addition to its limited size, the Fire Blanket requires a user to be in close proximity to deploy the fire blanket. This makes it incredibly dangerous for it to be used against a large, spreading fire.

Strobe Light

FALCON's Strobe Light FAL-22-003 is a versatile, compact ultra-bright that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazzard warning. If you plan to use it outdoor you can order FAL-22-005 which is weatherproof.

Both solid-state LED Strobe Lights offer high intensity of illumination at very low current consumption. The lens and base are designed using a high grade Polycarbonate engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat.

Designed to work effectively with most detection systems, both FAL-22-003 and FAL-22-005 incorporate central control equipment that is ideal for how current applications such as battery powered alarm panels where backup battery power is dramatically reduced.

Call Points

FALCON Manual Call Point FAL-22-007 is suitable for open or closed circuit system and is professionally designed for use in fire detection systems with central control equipment. Alternative terminals are provided for open or closed circuits. When wired for open circuit operation, the circuit closes instantly when the glass is smashed.

Openings are provided for 3/4" Ø conduit entries from the top, bottom and the back. The casings are moduled from specially selected engineering plastic, which comes in 5 different colours, with high impact strength, high resistance to heat. All metal parts are made of brass and phasphor bronze to ensure life long resistance against corrosion. A high reliability micro switch is also included.

FAL-22-007 is designed to meet the requirements of BS5839 Part 2, EN54 Part 2 and approved by Australian Standard AS1603 Part 5.

Alarm Bells

FALCON Motor Drive Alarm Bells FAL-22-004 are professionally designed to meet the special requirements of fire alarm/release systems where low power consumption and high sound output are essential. Due to its low current drain, high level sound can be achieved with multiple units on a single 2-wire output circuit.

The simplicity of the design constructs of high quality material and a heavy duty micro motor with built-in varistor suppression elements ensuring reliability and long life. Designed to meet the tough requirement of EN54-3:2001, Model FAL-22-004 is easy to install and capable of operating under most adverse conditions.

Breathing Apparatus

This suit is easy to operate, and can be used for rescuing or working in the petrochemical, electrical power and mine exploiting as well as the noxious environment with rare oxygen.


Since visibility may be reduced in a fire, due to smoke or failure of electric lighting, a lighted emergency signage is crucial in assisting the occupants to identify the escape routes.

In the event of a fire outbreak, the evacuation signs provide a strong signal for the occupants to get out of the area as quickly as possible.