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Ms Gwen Phoo, 29, marketing manager at safety equipment distributor Falcon Fire, said cheaply produced models can be a problem as they may not be certified according to SCDF’s requirements. “But because a lot of Singaporeans think a fire won’t happen to them, they will opt for the cheaper option if (it is) left to them to decide,” she said.

Article talking about KPE tunnel fire on 29 August. Quoted from the Article, “Mr Darrel Tan, head of business development at, which supplies fire protection products, said that whether evacuations should be done on foot or by car would depend on the situation. He said even walking out could be dangerous as the smoke could be toxic, especially in an enclosed tunnel with limited ventilation.”

Article showing explaining the different types of fire detectors and features our Ei Electronics Ei605 (9V Battery Type) Smoke Detector

Ms. Janett Lim appeared on the show “Hello Singapore” to share some useful and important tips on fire prevention & fire safety.


Article on Straits Times showing you how the danger and damage that a fire will cause.

From mid-2018, all new houses will have to be equipped with Fire Alarms. Quoted from the Article, “In the United States, the 2015 death rate for fires in homes with working alarms was less than half that of homes without them.” Safety of ourselves and our loved ones is always the number one priority as the cost of lives lost is immeasurable. Get yourself a fire alarm (Ei605 smoke detector) now and stay safe.

For more information about common fire causes in a workplace. Always stay ALERT and always be PREPARED.

Useful information about how to use a fire extinguisher in the case of emergency, you never know when such information might come in handy.

For Chinese speakers, you may also be interested in this video where our director, Ms. Janett Lim was featured in Hello Singapore (狮城有约)