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Optical Smoke Alarm (9V Battery) $79

$89.00 $79.00

Wireless and easy to install – just twist and stick it on a high surface! Ideal for living room, also suitable for kitchen & bathroom. Manufactured in Ireland. Comes with 5 year guarantee. Includes 9V Battery.

Model: EI605 (9V battery)

On SALE now! Usual Price: $79

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Wireless and easy to install – just twist and stick it on a high surface! Ideal for Living rooms, also suitable for kitchen and bathroom as this model gives off less false alarms due to cooking smoke and water steam. This Ireland manufactured Smoke Alarm is built by Ei Electronics, the renowned specialist for fire protection products in the UK since 1963 (Over 50 years of experience in Fire Safety Products). All Singapore new houses from June 2018 are made mandatory to install Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) under the new fire code.

There are two model options available:
1. EI605: 9V Battery
2. EI650: 10 Year Life Lithium Battery

Specifications for EI605:

-Made in Ireland
-Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (Highly responsive to smouldering fires)
-5 Year Guarantee
-Comes supplied with battery
-Test button includes a Hush Feature for false alarms
-Low battery warning LED
-Quick easy installation, no wiring


      VdS approved to BS EN 14604:2005 


 Meets ISO 9001:2000 standards 



5 year Guarantee


CE Approved



How to Use:
-Always place smoke detectors 30cm away from any wall/corners
-Ideally placed near entrances to allow for easier escape

Care Tips:
-Test the alarm once in a month to ensure continued functionality
-Use a narrow nozzle vacuum cleaner to rid the smoke alarm of dust and cobwebs
-Cover the smoke alarm during renovation to avoid dust clogs




Additional information

Dimensions 14 x 4.7 x 13 cm

EI605 (9V), EI650 (Lithium)


Made In Ireland with 5 years Guarantee


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